VZNavigator 4.1 on Blackberry Curve

Some time ago I wrote a piece about VZNavigator that I had been using on my cell phone for the past several years. Last spring I traded in my cell phone for a Blackberry Curve and was looking forward to using the latest version of VZNavigator on my Blackberry only to find out that version 4.1 of VZNavigator was not currently available. It did take a couple of months for VZNavigator to come out on the Blackberry Curve and but I am happy to report that I have been using it for several months now and really enjoying it. VZNavigator 4.1 uses the Networks in Motion -Traffic Enhanced version which also provides real time traffic information. VZNavigator provides turn by turn service with text to speech which I have found to be very accurate. GPS is one of those really amazing technologies that has made my life so much easier. I am able to store my favorite locations on the Blackberry and recall them when I need them. When I am near a computer I can also log onto my VZNavigator account and do a search and send the address to my Blackberry phone which I can then save to my Favorites. Having the accompanying web site really makes the whole process so much easier. It makes it easier for me to plan my trips and enter the information on my computer and then I can send it to my Blackberry. With VZNavigator4.1 I am now able to view my street maps in a 3D mode which really helps me when I am navigating. You will find the text to speech quality to be very good as is the volume. VZNavigator 4.1 also provides you with real time weather, gas prices as well as a full directory of points of interest. So if you are on a Verizon plan check it out. There is a $9.99 a month charge for the service but for someone who is on the road and wants enhanced traffic information and doesn't want to have to deal with another device it is a good deal.

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