Quick Screensharing Session with Glance

This morning I had the opportunity to touch base with Chance Brown from the Mindmap Blog to show him some of the advanced features in Context Organizer. This was a rather impromptu screensharing meeting and so last night I sent him a link for him to click on so that this morning we could be off and running. For the past several months I have been using Glance to do screensharing and for some of the webinars that I do. With this as a backdrop, I called Chance at the designated time and with one click he was viewing my screen. As I went through demonstrating some of the advanced features in Context Organizer, Chance remarked just how easy it was to connect and concentrate on what I was presenting. Chance to say the least, was really impressed with the feature set in Context Organizer as I demonstrated how it could be used to summarize a web site as well as doing searches within Google on various topics that were also summarized. Similalry, he was really taken by the Glance session and commented just how easy it was to use for what we were doing. As we move into 2009 one of the themes that we will be seeing over and over again is simplicity. In this respect Glance adheres to this philospophy and has always stressed simplicity over complexity. It was great to be able to connect with one another over the phone and via the Glance session, since we had only knew of each other's work through each other's blog. The power to connect in many different ways using the web is a phenomenon that I find to be quite amazing and to this day I enjoy all of the new friendships that I have made on the journey.

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