Totally Tubular with iPevo Bluetooth Speakers

The number of new Bluetooth devices that roll out each and every week is astonishing. If you want to keep you can go to the official Bluetooth Site and check out all of the new products. Since doing the iPevo Point 2 View Webcam review, iPevo was kind enough to send me the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers to review, which takes advantage of Bluetooth, to stream the audio from your iPhone, IPod Touch, BlackeBerry or your PC to their speakers. I have to tell you when Bluetooth was first introduced I was not a real fan. I'm sure many of you spent countless hours as I did trying to pair up your Bluetooth devices. But Bluetooth has come a long way in the past couple of years with vast improvements in speed and pairing your device.

With this in mind, I set off to take a look at the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers which when paired with your audio device lets you transmit audio to the speakers without the need for a physical connection. The iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers has a unique design and lives up to its name-you see the two individual speakers when stored are in the shape of a tube. The iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers design works well and makes it easy to store the hidden USB cable and Mini RCA jack to connect the two halves of the speakers together. The built-in rubber spools on each speaker makes it easy to store the cables.The iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers ships with a built in rechargeable battery which should give you 6 - 8 hours of listening pleasure. When it is time to recharge the battery you simply plug in the USB cable into your computer and charge it up. Each of the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers output up to 3 watts of sound which should be enough to fill a small room with your music.
for about
As recommended I initially charged the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers for about 2 hours to charge the battery. The indicators on the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers will let you know when the speakers are fully charged.Once charged I took out my BlackBerry Curve and started the pairing process to the speakers. The steps to do the pairing were prominently printed in the speakers and withing 30 seconds I was up and running. Pairing the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers with my BlackBerry was a cinch! Now the moment of truth! I opened my media player on my BlackBerry Curve and started to play a song and lo and behold the music was directed to the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers. The volume controls on the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers worked well and the sound quality was very good.

My next attempt to use the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers was with my MacBook. Once again I went through the pairing process very quickly and then went to my Sound Preferences and selected th iPevo speakers as my sound output. I fired up iTunes and had the music streamed to the iPevo Tubular Wireless Speakers. It truly was a very easy process and one that gives you the flexibility to play your music with just about any music device. Based on my experience I would say that you can successfully stream your audio from about 20 feet from the sound source. I was thinking that this would be a great device to use with the iPod Touch in the classroom especially for students that might be using Imagine a student sitting at their desk with the iPevo Wireless Speakers using their portable augmentative communication device and not having the burden to be physically connected to speakers. Let me know what you think.

Collaborating Web 2.0 Style

Since reviewing Tazzle IT I have had numerous conversations with Bruce Haendel about Tazzle IT and the whole mobile phone market. I have enjoyed getting to know Bruce and we have had some great conversations about marketing, technology, and BlackBerry's. Just the other night I connected with Bruce over Skype and some how we got into a conversation about how he could quickly inform others about his new and innovative product called Tazzle IT. I showed him some of the video demos that I have put together and he asked me what it would take to put something like that together. After some discussion over Skype we decided to put together a presentation that would include a video that he put together explaining how to use Tazzle IT.

As much as I use Web 2.0 technologies, I am always amazed what can be accomplished with these incredible collaboration tools. I suggested to Bruce who lives in Japan that we put the presentation together using Google Presentation. I signed into my Google Docs account and quickly shared the presentation with Bruce and we were on our way to creating the slide presentation. We did run in t a little snag every now and again with Google Docs and decided to use Etherpad to collaboratively work on the text for the slides. I quickly set up the Etherpad session and we were able in real time to work and edit the text for the slides. Once Bruce and I agreed on the copy, I was able to copy the text from Etherpad and paste it into the Google Presentation screen. That worked like a charm! Since we wanted to spruce up the Google Presentation, Bruce was able to drop into the Skype window picture files that I could then add to the presentation. By this time we were really humming and the presentation was moving along nicely. For the last slide we decided to insert one of the video's that Bruce had produced that he had uploaded to YouTube. Within seconds I was able to search for the Tazzle IT video within Google Presentation and insert it in the last slide. Adding a couple of corporate logos to the slide deck gave the Tazzle Presentation a polished look at we were then ready to publish it for the world to see. In about a hour, Bruce and I were able to put together this highly informative piece about Tazzle IT using several Web 2.0 technologies. When I reflect on what we did all I can say is Wow! Check out the Tazzle IT $10 dollar off promotion by clicking here.

Google Docs -Adds File Storage

As I begin to use Google Docs for more and more of my work I am amazed by the feature set and the additional features that Google keeps adding to the application. Just last week, Google announced that it is now possible to upload and store all kinds of files in your Google Doc account. Google now gives you 250 MB of storage space for your files and you can purchase additional space if you need it. While you can upload just about any type of document, Google will only allow you to edit files with the following formats: .docx, .xlsx, .doc, .odt, xls, .ods, .ppt, .csv, .html, .txt, and .rtf.
So now if you need to store you files in native format it is easy to do- simply click on the Upload button and a way you go. Let me know how you intend to use this new Google Doc feature!

Microvision SHOWWX Pico Projector

One of the products that generated a lot of buzz at the Consumer Electronic Show 2010 (CES) was the Microvision SHOWWX pico projector. Several companies have announced and are delivering pico projectors and the market. I'm sure this market will explode with these devices that we can hook up to netbooks, laptops, iPods, and Smartphones. I for one would enjoy the day when I can drive my presentation from my BlackBerry Curve alongside a small projector. Rounding out the solution will be a pico projector that I could carry in my shirt pocket. Having a portable solution would be ideal and I look forward to being able to review some of these new pico line of projectors.

The Microvision SHOWWX pico projector is unique in that it uses three different lasers to generate the image. Becuase of the use of the lasers there is no need to be concerned about auto focusing since the image is always in focus. My understanding is that the Microvision SHOWWX pico projector has an output of 10 lumens which should be sufficient in a small darkened room. This solution is ideal for board rooms or for projecting in small classrooms where you have control of the ambient lighting.

According to the Microvision Website here are some of the projector's features:
  • Always in focus: you never, ever have to adjust focus
  • Sharp and clear images on any surface from 6 inches or less to 200 inches or more
  • Rich and vivid laser colors amplify your photos, videos and presentations
  • Wide projection angle delivers a big image (1:1 throw ratio)
  • High resolution (WVGA 848x480) brings out every detail
  • Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio enables you to experience content
    the way it was meant to be
  • Sleek contours feel great in your hand; slim enough to put in your pocket
  • Plug-n-play compatibility enables quick and easy operation with your device
  • Movie-capable battery that lasts 90-120 minutes on a single charge
For more information click here.

PS: Microsvision if you are reading this post, please know that I am interested in reviewing the Microvision SHOWWX projector when it is released.

Tazzle IT- Print from your BlackBerry to Any PC's Printer

With all the clamor about apps for smartphones, I too have been on the hunt for unique applications that run on on my Blackberry Curve that make me more productive. One of the apps that I had been looking for, for some time is the ability to print from my Blackberry Curve. If you are like me you probably get lots of emails and every once in awhile you may have a need to print your emails or a picture from your BlackBerry. Well about two weeks ago I did a search on the web for printing solutions on the BlackBerry and found out about a solution called Tazzle It I was excited to see that in addition to allowing me to print my emails, I could also view emails, and send pictures to my computer and printer.

So let me share with you my experience when I received my Tazzle IT just today. Before I start, I would like to thanks Bruce at Tazzle IT for sending me a review unit. The Tazzle IT device is a small USB dongle that plugs into your USB port and communicates via Bluetooth to your BlackBerry phone. To get started using Tazzle IT. I downloaded the most current version of the Tazzle IT Desktop Software to my laptop and did the installation which went smoothly. The installation wizard moved through the process and directed me when to plug in the Tazzle IT device. Once I did, I was able to name the Tazzle IT device and select a PIN number that would be used during the Bluetooth pairing process. Step 2- I went to the Tazzle IT website and entered my email address and cell phone number so that I could over the air get a link on my BlackBerry to download the Tazzle IT app for my BlackBerry. Seconds later my email arrived from support with the link and I was off and running downloading the Tazzle IT app. Once the Tazzle IT app was installed on my BlackBerry I did the initial pairing and I was off and running.

Now the moment of truth. I launched the Tazzle IT app on my BlackBerry and on my laptop. Once you launch the Tazzle IT application on your laptop you have three different options when sending files from your BlackBerry, you can View, Print, and Save. So for example if you want to view a large email on your computer rather than have to read it on your BlackBerry you can select the View option, and from your Blackberry menu low and behold you will see a couple of new commands; Tazzle Mail as DOC and Tazzle Mail to Browser. If you select Tazzle Mail as Doc your email message will open within Microsoft Word. If for some reason you don't have Word you can select Tazzle Mail to Browser and your email will open within your default Browser. It is very cool to see your email sent so quickly and appear on your computer within seconds. If you choose the Print option from the Tazzle desktop app your email will automatically get routed to the default printer ready for you to pick up. Sending picture files from your BlackBerry is a snap with Tazzle IT and a great way to move them off of your BlackBerry to be printed out.

Tazzle IT works as advertised and is an easy way to view, send and print files from you BlackBerry through your computer. You will be amazed just how easy Tazzle IT is to use and one of the really nice pluses of this solution is that it is highly portable. If you ever have a need to print something when you are out of your office you can quickly download the Tazzle IT desktop app and send the information you need to the computer to view or print. Tazzle IT comes with a nice small protective case and a lanyard so that you can put it on your key chain and take it wherever you go. Tazzle IT is a wonderful addition to my BlackBerry apps and one I know I will be using to make me more productive! So if you have a chance take a look at Tazzle IT - a truly elegant way to get your contents off your BlackBerry and onto your computer.

Introducing the enTourage eDGe™

Introducing the enTourage eDGe
There is a lot of excitement being generated this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas with the release of new eBook Readers. I thought you would be interested in learning about this very interesting device called the enTourage which marries a netbook as well as an Ereader. Think of all the possibilities!

The enTourage eDGe™ is the world’s first dualbook, combining the functions of an e-reader, netbook, notepad, and audio/video recorder and player in one. It’s a comprehensive device that lets you read e-books, surf the Internet, take digital notes, send emails and instant messages, watch movies and listen to music anywhere, at any time. This is nothing you've ever seen before!

Get books wirelessly, move files onto your enTourage eDGe™ using an SD card or a USB flash drive. Use the mini-USB port to move files back and forth from a Windows, MAC, or Linux-based PC. And with a netbook built in, you can forget the limitations of other e-readers, the enTourage eDGe™ does it all!

3M MPro 150 Pico Projector

3M announces the Release of their Latest Pico Projector at CES 2010

The 3M™ MPro150 is the newest hand-held, battery-operated projector from 3M. Now you can project cord-free with internal storage that enables you to download and organize your files. Project images and videos on almost any wall, almost anywhere. It supports the most popular apps in the Microsoft Office Suite®, Adobe® PDF as well as movies and other file formats.

Fully equipped with sound, re-chargeable battery, screen size images up to 50” and 12 lumens of brightness.

Features and Benefits:
  • Storage: 1 GB internal memory with 2 GB microSD card
  • Cordless: download files from your digital sources and go!
  • Media: Connects to your favorite digital media sources PCs, DVD players, iPods and iPhones, digital cameras and cell phones
  • Sound: 2 x .5 W speakers
  • Long life: 20,000 hours LED life
  • Rechargeable battery with 90 minutes of battery life
  • Cables and table top tripod included

ShowMate-PowerPoint Presentations from your BlackBerry

The mobile application space has really been incredible to watch and while the Apple App Store gets a lot of press there are some really unique applications in the BlackBerry world as well. As someone who does a lot of presentations, I was intrigued by a product called Impatica ShowMate, which would allow me to present my PowerPoint presentations directly from my BlackBerry Curve. The ShowMate itself is extremely small and portable(3.5" x 2.5" x 1") with built in Bluetooth that you plug into your VGA cable that is attached to your data projector. Once your Impatica ShowMate is connected to your projector you can launch your PowerPoint presentation from your BlackBerry and view it. Your BlackBerry communicates to the ShowMate via the Bluetooth connection and allows you to control your slide presentation directly from your BlackBerry.

When you order the ShowMate, in the box you will find a CD to Install the Impatica Software, the ShowMate itself and a USB power cord along with some international receptacles that you can use when you travel abroad. In order to use the ShowMate the first thing you will need to do is install the Imaptica for PowerPoint software on your computer as well as the Impatica Presentation Viewer on your BlackBerry. I was able to download the Impatica PowerPoint Viewer directly over the air directly from my BlackBerry using my BlackBerry browser. While the CD to install the Impatica for PowerPoint software is in the box, Impatica suggests that you go to their website and download it to insure that you have the latest version. I was very familiar with the Impatica for PowerPoint software having done a review of it several years ago and within minutes I was up and running. The Impatica for PowerPoint software, formats your existing PowerPoint presentations (.ppt and .pptx) so that when they are outputted, can be run from your BlackBerry. The software significantly reduces the original size of your PowerPoint presentations while maintaining transitions, links, and animations. Once you have converted your presentations (works with Macintosh & Windows) with the Impatica for PowerPoint software the software lets you easily transfer your presentation directly to your BlackBerry via a USB Cable.

Once your PowerPoint presentation lands on your BlackBerry you can preview it using the Impatica PowerPoint Viewer. Making the Bluetooth connection from my BlackBerry Curve to the ShowMate was fast and easy to do. When I projected my PowerPoint presentation all of the links, transitions, and animations were preserved as if I was running it from my computer. I should mention all of the text and images were clear with excellent fidelity. Using my BlackBerry I could move forward or back through the presentation if I needed to. While doing my presentation I could also access my slide notes, if I choose to. Having access to a really portable way to present is now possible- just add this solution to the 3M MP 120 pico presenter and you could leave your laptop at home. So if you are looking for a really portable way to do your presentations from a BlackBerry then you need to look at the Impatica ShowMate. For more information about the Impatica ShowMate click here.

Editor's Note: You can also use the ShowMate to present any of your applications or contents on your BlackBerry. In order to use ShowMate in this manner you can download the free Impatica Connector application to your BlackBerry over the air. Once installed you can now connect via Bluetooth to the ShowMate and see the view the contents of your BlackBerry and through the data projector. When used in this manner, the ShowMate makes for a great training tool!

Just Released - Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know

For anyone who has published, the day you finally actually get to see your finished product in your hands in very exciting. I had such a moment last week when my publisher NPR Inc., released a new laminated reference guide called: Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know. The guide is a chock full of information about assistive technology and is a great reference for teachers, special educators, parents, and for students in teaching training programs. With the explosion of information it is great to have a concise guide that can provide you with all of the essential information that you will need to learn about the advances in assistive technology. Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know reviews Universal Design for Learning as well as some of the legal mandates for providing assistive technology in the schools. Learn first hand about various assistive technology applications that can empower students and provide them with access to the core curriculum. Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know laminated guide is a great desk reference and a wonderful addition to any type of training and in-service programs in special education and assistive technology. Now you have the opportunity with the President's Stimulus Package to purchase this informative reference guide using you ARA dollars. So take advantage of this opportunity and provide your faculty with a great reference tool on the topic of assistive technology. Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know- laminated guide is available from AssistiveTek, LLC and lists for $12.95. Volume pricing is available and Purchase Orders are accepted. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing the guide for your school.