Microvision SHOWWX Pico Projector

One of the products that generated a lot of buzz at the Consumer Electronic Show 2010 (CES) was the Microvision SHOWWX pico projector. Several companies have announced and are delivering pico projectors and the market. I'm sure this market will explode with these devices that we can hook up to netbooks, laptops, iPods, and Smartphones. I for one would enjoy the day when I can drive my presentation from my BlackBerry Curve alongside a small projector. Rounding out the solution will be a pico projector that I could carry in my shirt pocket. Having a portable solution would be ideal and I look forward to being able to review some of these new pico line of projectors.

The Microvision SHOWWX pico projector is unique in that it uses three different lasers to generate the image. Becuase of the use of the lasers there is no need to be concerned about auto focusing since the image is always in focus. My understanding is that the Microvision SHOWWX pico projector has an output of 10 lumens which should be sufficient in a small darkened room. This solution is ideal for board rooms or for projecting in small classrooms where you have control of the ambient lighting.

According to the Microvision Website here are some of the projector's features:
  • Always in focus: you never, ever have to adjust focus
  • Sharp and clear images on any surface from 6 inches or less to 200 inches or more
  • Rich and vivid laser colors amplify your photos, videos and presentations
  • Wide projection angle delivers a big image (1:1 throw ratio)
  • High resolution (WVGA 848x480) brings out every detail
  • Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio enables you to experience content
    the way it was meant to be
  • Sleek contours feel great in your hand; slim enough to put in your pocket
  • Plug-n-play compatibility enables quick and easy operation with your device
  • Movie-capable battery that lasts 90-120 minutes on a single charge
For more information click here.

PS: Microsvision if you are reading this post, please know that I am interested in reviewing the Microvision SHOWWX projector when it is released.

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