iOS 6 Brings the Highlight Words feature to the iPad

Apple has added a number of new Accessibility features in iOS 6 which makes the iPad even easier to use for students with reading disabilities. In the latest version of the iOS students can now turn on the Highlight Word feature which will highlight the words as they are being read on the screen. Being able to synchronize the highlighting of text on the screen is an invaluable feature and one that many students with reading and attentional difficulties will find to be extremely helpful. Remember that this feature is part of the iOS-so as long as you are able to select text on the screen it will work in most apps. This feature is also great as an editing tool for students when they are doing writing. I have embedded a short video demonstrating how to turn on this feature.

ConceptDraw Mindmap- Great Tweeting Tool

One of my favorite features in ConceptDraw Mindmap is the ability to plan out my tweets for Twitter. Using a simple mind map, I can structure the map by the week and add my tweets. When I'm ready to send the tweets it is as easy as going to the toolbar and pressing the Tweet button. Using ConceptDraw Minmap I can get a perspective on my tweets, and better yet it even shortens attached URL's. If you are planning a tweet campaign you should really take a look at ConceptDraw Mindmap to help you strategize and deliver your tweets. ConceptDraw Mindmap gives you the option of tweeting the topic, map or screen which is a nice touch. The only thing I would like to see developed in ConceptDraw Mindmap is a feature by which you could set each of the tweets to be sent on a specific date and time. Happy tweeting with ConceptDraw Mindmap.

MyScript Studio Notes Edition- Adding Vocabulary

I have been utilizing my Boogie Board RIP daily for recording notes and have found using MyScript Studio Notes Edition to be ideal for doing the hand writing conversion. One of the powerful features in MyScript Studio Notes Edition is the ability to add new words to its core dictionary so that when it encounters the unique word it knows how to convert it. In the screencast below, you will see how I was able to enter the word Nearpod, which is a great app for the iPad and how MyScript Studio Notes Edition then handled the text conversion. Using the add Vocabulary feature is a great way to teach MyScript Studio Notes Edition how to convert unfamiliar handwritten words that it encounters.

Haiku Deck- Elegant Presentations from Your iPad

I recently had a hand at trying a new app called Haiku Deck which is a new presentation tool for the iPad and am very impressed with the results. Haiku Deck is free and is a worthwhile app for anyone who is considering doing a presentation on the iPad. If you are trying to move away from PowerPoint and bulleted points then you are really going to like Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is ideal for creating beautifully designed presentations that comes with multiple themes that you can select from. Select a theme, add a slide and watch the magic happen as you add pictures and some text. To add a picture you simply type a keyword and Haiku Deck goes out and searches for Creative Common pictures for your use. Add some text and voila you are done. Once you create your Haiku Deck it is easy to share your presentation with others by embedding it, by providing your participants with a link or allowing them to download it as a PDF. I recently created a presentation that I will use this weekend to give you and idea of what is possible. Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Click here to view the presentation