Brother Ptouch 1230 PC- Easy Labeler

I was going through the Staples circular today and came across a sale on the new Brother Ptouch 1230 PC labeler which looked very interesting. I have several Brother printers and copies in my home and am impressed with the price and performance of these devices. I have used the handheld Ptouch labelers for many years and when I read about the Ptouch 1230 PC labler that connects directly to a PC, I had to go down to Staples and check it out. I should share with you that the Brother Ptouch 1230 PC was on sale for $29.99 which was a steal, it usually sells for $49.99. I picked one up today and tried it out an am very impressed with its capabilities and ease of use.

The user guide has very informative graphics and walks you through the set up process. You first drop in the TZ tape cartridge and then install the 6 AAA. Next attach the supplied USB cable from the Brother Ptouch 1230 PC to your Windows computer. The Brother Ptouch 1230 PC was automatically seen and within a minute a pop window opened that let me start the PC Editor Lite software that is actually running from the Brother Ptouch 1230 PC. I now simply entered my name into the PC Editor Lite software and clicked on the Print button to print my first of many labels. The software lets you store your labels and you have options to add graphics as well as frames. You have access to your full set of fonts and sizes which makes this a very versatile label printer. The Brother Ptouch 1230 PC will automatically power down when in not in use and by powering it up the PC Editor Lite software will automatically open when powered up again. The Brother Ptouch 1230 PC accepts TZ laminated tapes that are up to 1/2 inches wide and comes in various colors, styles and sizes for home use. The Brother Ptouch 1230 PC is light weight and certainly portable if you need to take it on the road with you.Now if Brother can get it working on Mac.

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