Jing Pro Released

If you have been a Jing User you will be happy to learn that TechSmith has released Jing Pro today for only $14.95 a year. So what do you get with the release of Jing Pro:

So, what's new with Jing Pro? Betsy Weber, TechSmith's Chief Evangelist sums it up

  • YouTube support. You can upload a video to YouTube directly from Jing. Jing also gives you the link to your video.
  • For screencasts, in addition to the SWF file format, Jing Pro now offers a H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format video option. Without getting too technical, this format excels at capturing video with a lot of motion, is much more suited for editing, and is supported on YouTube. And, for those of you who have been wanting to tweak your Jing videos, you can now import them into Camtasia Studio 6 or iMovie to edit, merge or anything you want.
  • Branding removal. At the end of a Jing Pro-produced video, there is no Jing logo and branding.

You can upgrade to Jing Pro for $14.95 a year. And, we're not forcing you to upgrade to Jing Pro. The free version of Jing is still available complete with complimentary hosting on (2 GB of storage and 2 GB of transfer bandwidth per month). And, we also have free tech support for both Jing and Jing Pro. There is a great Help Center for Jing that is full of tips and tricks.

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