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In two weeks I will be doing a workshop for school administrators and was looking for an easy way to create podcasts, well I think I found it. I had bookmarked Gcast some time ago in my Delicious account but had forgotten about it. Today I set up my account and channels and created my first podcast using my cell phone. Gcast provides you with a toll free number to call the network and by providing your PIN you can begin recording your podcast using your phone.

After you are done you can review your recording and if you like re-record it. To save and upload the podcast all you need to do is hit the # key. It was just that easy. When I returned to the Gcast website I had to wait about 5 minutes for the podcast to be processed. Once it was uploaded I was able to assign it to a channel. Here is a quick podcast that I did. Gcast made making podcast's from a cell phone extremely easy. You can also upload podcast via your computer and upload them to iTunes. Check out my first Gcast podcast below.

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