Using PaperShow with PowerPoint

In previous blog posts I have shared with you how I am successfully using PaperShow in my classes as a digital flipchart. It has been great to be able to write my ideas on the interactive digital paper and have them show up on the screen. Using the computer and the data projector with PaperShow has really made it easy for me to communicate ideas and have them displayed for my students on the screen. What is nice is that there is no hardware and software to install-everything you need is on the PaperShow USB Bluetooth Drive.

This past week I explored another feature of PaperShow which allowed me to import a PowerPoint presentation into the PaperShow software and print it out on the supplied interactive paper. Once you have printed your PowerPoint presentation out on the interactive paper you can now take out your digital pen and mark it up so that your paprticpants see the slide with your written annotations. If you have not used digital pen technology there is a "wow factor" that comes over others watching as you write with a pen and they see the changes being made live to your presentation. I have created a short screencast to show you how to import your PowerPoint presentation into PaperShow. Enjoy! Brian

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