Providing Support with Glance

It has been exciting being able to use Glance to provide my students with support when they are not able to make it to class. Just last week I had two students who could not make it to class and they had a project due on a software application called ClozePro, from Crick Software. Since this is a hybrid course, I decided to use Glance to provide them with a webinar that I could demonstrate to them how to use the software, without anyone having to leave their home. We all agreed on a time and we decided to use Skype to deliver the audio portion of the webinar. Once we were connected I sent both my students the Glance link via the Skype chat and we were off an running.

One of the really great features of Glance is its simplicity. I know that there are more screen sharing applications out there that have a host of features, but one thing that is critical for new users of this technology is their ability to simply click and see your screen. For this reason Glance is on the top of my list for ease of use. For the presenter there is very little behind the scene work that you have to do. Just initiate the session and let you guests connect. As the presenter you can really focus on the content- after all, isn't that the reason you initiated the session? Glance is just simple to use! . Give it a try and let me know about your experience.

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