Crick Software Releases WriteOnline 1.3

FYI- today I received an email from John Crick announcing the release of WriteOnline 1.3. As you will see in this post Crick Software has added a number of features and enhancements that will make WriteOnline even more compelling for students with writing disabilities. WriteOnline has added SoundsLike word prediction which works really well with students who are phonetic spellers. WriteOnline 1.3 clearly provides students with the supports they need wherever and whenever they need it. Take a look at WriteOnline to see for yourself how these supports can help the students you support in the classroom.

WriteOnline release 1.3

We have just gone live with WriteOnline 1.3, which incorporates our new SoundsLikeTM technology in the word predictor. This works out what the word you are typing sounds like, and then predicts words that begin with that sound, making the prediction even more powerful for writers who have difficulty spelling! For example, if you type 'fiz', the predictor will offer you words beginning with 'phys'.

There are a number of enhancements in this release, including:
  • opening and saving as MS Word documents (.doc and .docx)
  • option to customize speed of speech
  • right-click speech on Wordbar tabs and spellchecker suggestions
  • enhanced picture handling, with captions
  • more accessibility enhancements for users with low vision
  • SoundsLikeTM word prediction
Now the new version is live, it will be delivered to you automatically next time you login, so you don't have to do anything to update! For more information click here WriteOnline

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