Proloquo2Go Webinar

With the marvels of the Internet I was able to connect with David Neimeijer, from Assistiveware via Skype and began chatting with him about the impending release of Proloquo2Go. Proloquo2Go is a portable augmentative communication device that runs on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Proloquo2Go is a very innovative, programmable and cost effective device that can be used with students to give them a "voice". As we were chatting, I asked David if he would mind giving my Assistive Technology Class and introduction to Proloquo2Go-but considering the time difference he thought that his partner Samuel Senott might be available to do it. Within minutes David, Samuel, and I were talking over Skype and setting up the impromptu webinar.

Using Skype, Samuel came into the classroom and introduced himself before we went into a GotoMeeting session. My students appreciated the chance to see Samuel and get a feel for the device before we went into our webinar session. Once in the webinar Samuel was able to show us the iPhone emulator and demonstrate to us first hand how Proloquo2Go will work. My students were really excited to see Proloquo2Go in action and could not believe just how easy it was to use and the quality of the speech. Some of my students were glad to find out the cost and really thought that the size and weight of the device were two very important features. Everyone really enjoyed just how flexible a tool Proloquo2Go is and are looking forward to its imment release on the Apple Store. I personally want to thank Samuel and David for making this happen and wish them the best on their new product launch.

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