Screenleap Easy Screen Sharing

Using screen sharing software for a webinar is always a leap of faith. What do I mean by that? If you have ever attempted to host a webinar with one tool or another then you probably have experienced just how frustrating it can be to connect. Many of the screen sharing applications ask you to download plug-ins which can make the experience even more frustrating for those users who may be less technically inclined. That is why I was so glad to learn about a new screen sharing tool called Screenleap which I started to use last week.

First off, the screen sharing service is free, and if you are joining a session there is no software to install. It doesn't get any easier that this. I demonstrated Screenleap this week in my graduate class and within a minute all 20 of my students were viewing my screen. Great way to publish the teachers screen to your students in a classroom. All my students had to do was go to Screenleap and enter a 9 digit number that I posted- to begin the session and within seconds they were able to view my screen. This worked without a hitch and the ease of use was fantastic! 

 During the class one of my students wanted to share her screen so that she could demonstrate a math web site- so she initiated the screen sharing session and at the instructors station I entered the 9 digit code and then I was able to see her screen which was projected in the classroom for all the other students to see. Screenleap works as stated and probably is one of the easiest screen sharing applications I have ever used. So if you get the chance check out Screenleap you will be glad you did.

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