Great Day Exhibiting at NJCTE Conference

It was a great day exhibiting at the New Jersey Teachers Council of of English Teachers Conference which was held on the campus of Montclair State University. The conference was well attended and there was a lot of energy in the room as I was demonstrating various solutions for the classroom. The teachers were very excited as I walked around the exhibit hall and used PaperShow for Teachers to send my notes to the computer. There is something magical about demoing PaperShow for Teachers and watching the ink being sent in real time to the computer screen. The teachers were really intrigued with the solution and were already pondering ways to use it in the classroom.

For those teachers who do not have access to a data projector in the classroom- the teachers were able to try out Quartet Kapture- which is an easy way to save all of their notes from the flipchart. Using Quartet Kapture, teachers could have students work in groups and record all of their ideas which are then stored on the computer. All of the notes from the session can be saved as a PDF file which can then be easily shared via email or posted on the teacher's website.

Many of the English teachers who stopped by commented just how clear images looked using the Hovercam T3  document camera. When teachers asked about the pricing they were excited to learn that the Hovercam T3 is really an affordable solution for the classroom.The Hovercam T3 is great tool for the English teachers and is ideal for sharing text from books. All in all it was a great day!

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