Matchware Releases Service Pack 1 for MindView 3


I just found out that Matchware has released Service Pack 1 for Mindview 3 which can be downloaded from their website. I have upgrade my version of MindView 3 BE to the latest version without a hitch. MindView 3 feels faster when changing from the various views. Going from a Mind map to a Gantt Chart is much faster than in previous versions. Give it a try and let me know what you think. You can download the Service Pack 1 by clicking on this link. According to the Matchware website here are some of the features of the Service Pack 1.

This Service Pack contains the following changes:

Service Pack 1:

  • Panels now include scroll bars when screen resolution is low or when space is limited.
  • Converting between views has been slightly optimized.
  • Branch text editor: Several usability issues and other problems have been corrected.
  • Icons: The Icons gallery now closes upon selection of an icon.
  • Outline view: The font settings can now be changed as expected.
  • Spellchecker: The problem whereby correct text was sometimes underlined in red has been resolved.
  • Word export:
    • PDF files are now handled correctly.
    • Links to embedded files are now handled correctly.
    • Pictures located in text notes on the Mind Map are now shown in the exported Word document.
  • PowerPoint export: The problem whereby comments were not exported to PowerPoint when using a non-English version of MindView has now been fixed.
  • SharePoint: Now fully compatible with SharePoint 2003. With SharePoint 2007 it may be necessary to check out the file before being able to save it from within MindView.
  • Many other usability and internal issues have been corrected.
  • Resources:
    • Adding resources from the Address Book now works as expected.
    • Resources assigned to tasks are now preserved when copying to another document.
  • Dragging a link from the web browser onto a branch now creates a hyperlink.
  • The Calculation Defaults and Formats dialog now supports localized decimal separators.
  • Excel export: You can now export to Excel even when Excel is not installed, but you will only be able to save the file in the XML 2003 Spreadsheet format.
  • HTML export: New export templates have been included.
  • Microsoft Project import: Files containing unsupported characters can now be imported.
  • It is now possible to export to the older OpenMind/MindView 2 XML format.

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