Google Voice-Trying it Out

I have been hearing a lot about Google Voice for the past couple of months and a just today I received an email that I could sign up for a Google Phone Number. I quickly validated my account and set up a Google Voice Gadget that now appears on my blog. I am hoping that some of you might be interested in asking me a question or just drop me a line and say, hello. Google Voice is a free service, should you decide to give me a call within the United States. You can call me and leave me a message by clicking on the Google Voice gadget and entering the following number: (908) 955-3450. For the time being, I have directed all of my phone calls to the web where Google will transcribe my message for me-that I can access and listen to. Google Voice will also allow me to forward calls to my office or mobile phone, which at this time I have decided not to do. So feel free to give me a call and I will let you know how it goes!

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