Brain Technologies Unveils WebBrain Beta

One of my favorite features of the PersonalBrain 5 is the ability to create a SiteBrain from your PersonalBrain. I have used this feature many times in my workshops as a way to give my participants and easy way to move about various resources that I would provide. In the past you would need to Export your Brain as a SiteBrain and then upload it to your ftp site. Now with the release of the WebBrain Beta you can quickly upload your BrainZips and share your Brains with others. Once you sign up for a free account you can upload your BrainZip files and determine whether you want to make your Brain-Public or Private. You can also set the permission to share your Brain by sending a link via an email. I have posted one of my Brain files to show you how it looks on the web. The ability to share your Brain's on the web is a killer feature and one that I will begin to use more and more. You will find find this feature to be invaluable whenever your want to have access to your Brain data when you are connected to the web. So if you are a PersonalBrain 5, please take a look at the WebBrain- you will be glad you did.

Download a Free Trial Version of PersonalBrain 5 by Clicking on the Link Below

To purchase a copy of the PersonalBrain 5 click here. If you need training or support on how to best use the PersonalBrain send me an email

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