Mead Map Updated

I just received word that Mead Map has been updated, and in addition to real time collaboration, auto zoom for easy navigation and other innovative features, the online tool can now incorporate attachments. Users can attach pdfs, jpgs, Microsoft office documents and other files to their Mead Maps. This enhancement improves group collaboration, allowing teammates to quickly store and update all project resources in one centralized location without juggling USB drives, disks or CDs. One of the things that I really enjoy about Mead Map is its ease of use and the ability to publish your maps to the web so easily. I had a chance to try out the new version of Mead Map and was able to incorporate my attachments without a hitch. Being able to incorporate attachments is a key feature for using visual maps as an information repository. Mead Map gives each subsrcriber1 gigabyte of online storage for your files. For a free 30-day trial go to

Here is an example of a Mead Map with an attachment:

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