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Over the past year I have watched the website flesh out its free offerings which I have to say are quite impressive. I have been a big fan of Adobe Acrobat for years and not only use it for my own work but have also used it as an access tool for some of the students that I work with that have physical disabilities. More about this feature in a later post.

While reading the Acrobat Blog I came across a couple of tips and features that I wanted to share with you. First off, if you don't have an Acrobat account sign-up for one- you will find it very handy. If for no other reason, just so you will have another online repository for your files-but it can do a lot more than that. In this tip you can upload or create a PDF file if you don't own Acrobat Standard or Professional right on the website. Once you have your PDF file uploaded you can click on the Copy Embed Code which will then allow you to post the PDF to your website or blog in a widget. By simply pasting the code into my blog, I am now able to generate a widget that displays my PDF file. You can see the result of this technique below.

Using gives you the freedom to post and share your PDF files using the embed feature without using a lot of overhead. It is a simple and easy way to share your information in the ubiquitous PDF format. From the widget, individuals can zoom in on the file and download it if they like. Take a look at this feature-with it it is now even easier to share PDF files than ever before on your website or blog.

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