Small is Beautiful- Samsung P400 Projector

If there was a trend at this years NECC 2008 Conference it was small was in. In fact between the ASUS and HP Mini notebook computers there was a great deal of talk about the size, portability and functionality. Not to be left out of the fray Samsung was showing off one of their small LED data projectors which was able to cast off a very bright image (can throw a 30- 40 inch diagonal) despite the fact that it is rated at 150 lumens. The Samsung P400 Projector is very small and light weight (1.9 pounds) and produced very saturated colors. The Samsung P400 Projector would be ideal for a small classroom or for someone who travels doing training. What is really nice is the Samsung P400 Projector uses LED technology so that there is no bulb to be concerned about. The Samsung P400 Projector can be purchased for around $650 dollars.

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