Sharing with Crossloop

A couple of days ago I had mentioned that I came across a screen sharing application called Crossloop and just yesterday evening, I finally got a chance to work with it with my colleague Wallace Tait. Both of us were talking over Skype and decided that we wanted to take a look at how JCVGantt worked with MindManager in preparation for the IQ Visual Mapping Conference that is planned for October 2-3, 2008. We both started up Crossloop and exchanged our access keys that we entered into the Crossloop widget. In a matter of seconds we were connected and a dialog box popped up asking for permission to share each other computer screens. Once I clicked on the OK button I was able to see Wallace's screen and I could control his computer as if I was looking over his shoulder. The screen was very clear and there was no noticeable delay when I was moving icons or double clicking on applications to start them up. Since Wallace could also use the mouse as well, there were times when we would both try to do something and realize that we had to wait for the other person to relinquish control of the mouse. Other than that it was easy to go back and forth with sharing our screens by clicking on control icons that I would consider to be a very easy and intuitive to learn how to use. Crossloop is a free tool for Window's users that would be ideal for one on one webinars and for doing remote support. Using this technology both computers would need to have Crossloop client installed. Once installed it is very easy to use to get your session started. Download Crossloop and let me know how you successfully used it in the work that you do. If you are looking for training in the comfort of your home or office, over the web, in the area of assistive technology, visual mindmapping, or project planning- shoot me an email and I will let you know how we can get started.

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