Interview with Shelley Hayduck of Brain Technologies

I had the pleasure today of interviewing Shelley Hayduck from Brain Technologies, the developer of the PersonalBrain and BrainEKP. During the interview I had the opportunity to ask Shelley about the PersonalBrain and how it is being used to help solve real world problems. The PersonalBrain is a very unique software application that is ideal for information and knowledge management. The underlying technology allows you to create linkages to your thoughts, files, folders, and URL's in a very quick searchable database. If you would like to try out the PersonalBrain just go to their website and download the free version. I hope you enjoy this interview!

If you are interested in meeting Shelley, she will be presenting at the IQ Visual Mapping Conference on October 2-3, 2008. If you are a PersonalBrain user then please consider attending the conference, and who knows maybe there will be some new announcements:-)

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