Go!Tweet! from Vernier Software & Technology

I just learned about this new Twitter application from Vernier Software & Technology called Go!Tweet which can provide real time data capturing that is sent and posted through your Twitter account. Imagine classrooms linked across the globe using this technology to capture real time scientific data using Twitter. It is really simple to get started using this new application. First you will need a Twitter account. Second, you can download the Go!Tweet application from Vernier which at this time is only available for the Macintosh. Thirdly, you will need to have one of the following digital sensors:
Once you have the Go!Tweet application installed simply plug in your sensor and start sending your data to your Twitter account. I used my Go!Temp USB sensor this morning to send the temperature in my kitchen to Twitter. Now imagine have a consortium of schools doing a project and using the Go!Tweet application to send live data that can be tracked over Twitter- pretty cool! Remember that you can use the # hashtag to track your online data collection projects. Just have everyone who is involved in your data collection project use the same hashtag ie. #DataProject101 which can then be searched on Twitter. You can go into the Preferences in Go!Tweet and enter the hashtag that will automatically be posted with the data. Works like a charm! Now just wondering when Go!Tweet will be available for Windows?

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