Documenting Student's Work with Xpaper

I have always been a big fan of the digital pen technology and have witnessed the growth of this market over the past 8 years with the release of such products as the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen and PaperShow for Teachers. Using a digital pen and digital paper makes the solutions come alive and are a ,natural for students and teachers to use since very little training is required. One of the solutions which I believe could have tremendous impact on how teachers and school administrators capture data in the schools could come about by using digital pen and paper solutions.

I have been using a product called Xpaper from a company called Talario, LLC for the past couple of years, which lets me print my documents or forms on ordinary plain paper from a color laser printer. Once the document is printed with Xpaper, it lays down a grid of microdots on the page which makes it ready to write on with your digital pen. In the example above, I used Xpaper to record the errors a student made while reading a text passage. Using the Logitech digital pen I marked up the reading passage and once I was done I docked the pen and a crystal clear PDF file was created for me to archive the document. Using Xpaper, I eliminated the need to scan the document into my computer and I was quickly able to create a workflow with the digital document. Using Xpaper, I can quickly send the PDF document in the cloud and store it on Google Docs if I prefer. Now imagine if teachers and schools administrators used this technology to process all of the forms and data collected in the schools? I think you will find that using this technology one could save time and be able to begin to manage, collect, and archive data that is important to the life of the school. If you are interested in learning more about Xpaper and how you could take advantage of this technology, please feel free to email me. To watch an overview of how Xpaper works click here.

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