SPARKvue for the iPad from Pasco

With the start of the semester I have been busy preparing for my classes but still have some reviews in the hopper that I have been meaning to post for some time. This past summer I had a chance to speak with Wayne Grant, Ph.D., Chief Education Officer at Pasco, a leading science education company located in California about the release of SPARvue for the iPad. Pasco has been known for their high quality science probes and software for some time now and are leading proponents of mobile solutions to help make science education come alive in the classroom. Dr. Grant was kind enough to show me the latest release of SPARKvue a software app that runs on the iPad that can teamed up with various probes so that students can collect data in real time.
Using the PASSPORT Airlink 2 students can collect real time data on the Ipad without the need to be directly connected. The PASSPORT Airlink 2 uses Bluetooth technology to automatically send data from the sensors to the iPad for instant visual analysis. I had a chance to work with the PASSPORT Airlink 2 and one of Pasco's Weather sensors to see what it would be like to use, to collect data. Pairing the Bluetooth PASSPORT Airlink 2 with the iPad was a cinch and within seconds after plugging in the Weather probe I was collecting data about the humidity in New Jersey. Based on my experience I would say that the PASSPORT Airlink 2 has good range and I was able to collect data from at least 20to 25 feet away from my iPad. It was really exciting to be able to see the data streaming live to my iPad using the PASSPORT Airlink 2 and the Weather probe. Pasco should be commended for designing such and elegant solution that can be used with the iPad to give students hands on opportunity to collect data in real time. Pasco once again has shown their ingenuity and innovation in the design and implementation of this device. If you would like to try out the SPARKvue app just go to the Apple Apps Store and download to see how it works.

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