E-book Popularity Skyrockets

The popularity of e-books grows every day, and writers who never would
have considered writing for an e-book publisher even a year ago are
changing their minds. With online bookstores and publishers reporting
increasing numbers of e-book sales every month, with the popularity of
e-book readers, it makes sense to take advantage of this market.

And in the last year or so, even traditional print publishing houses
have begun to recognize the growing popularity of Ebooks. Many are
implementing digital programs of their own for new releases as well as
their backlists. No longer do those who prefer to read online or on an
e-book reader have to restrict themselves to small online publishers
or bookstores. The variety and availability of books that are
digitally published is expanding rapidly.

In fact, the Association of American Publishers recently reported an
amazing increase in the number of e-book sales in the U.S. According
to the AAP, gross Ebook sales in June 2010 reached $29.9 million.
That’s an amazing 118.9% increase in sales from the same month in
2009. That’s a huge difference and it shows no sign of slowing down
any time soon. In fact, while everyone agrees that paperback and
hardback books will never completely disappear, it isn’t beyond belief
that all books will be available in digital format in the coming

Have you tried reading a book electronically? If not, you should
definitely check one out. E-books are written, edited, and published
to the same standards as print books, and you’re sure to find
something you like. No matter what genre of fiction you enjoy, or what
subject of nonfiction appeals to you, look for a book online and give
it a try.

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