Using PaperShow in a Training Workshop

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with high teachers to teach them how they could use SOLO 6 in their classrooms to make the curriculum more accessible. Knowing that I would be doing the training in their computer lab, I brought along PaperShow so that I could use it as a digital flip chart to share information that needed to be communicated. The teachers were very excited to see how I was using PapaerShow and immediately wanted to know how they could use it in their classrooms. Many of the teachers were very excited to see how it could be used to convey information and when I shared with them that the notes could be saved as a PDF or PowerPoint I really got their attention. Many of the teachers that I was working with have access to computer and LCD projector and could take advantage of PaperShow in their classrooms. You can see one of the notes that was captured above, with PaperShow during the training session. I have come to rely on PaperShow when I am doing workshops and now consider it to be a part of my traiing toolkit.

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