Podcast up at the VizThink Website

Earlier this month I was interviewed by Tom Crawford of VizThink and we had a great dialog about how visualization is used to meet the needs of students with disabilities. The session was recorded and is now live on the VizThink website. During the interview I had the opportunity to share with Tom some software tools that are used to help students who may present with reading and writing disabilities and just how important the visual supports are in the learning process.

As excited as I am to listen and view the podcast, I am more excited that I have been asked to present at the VizThink 2009 Conference on this very topic, that will be held in San Jose, CA on February 22-25. It is important to understand that when I usually do assistive technology presentations and workshops that I am primarily talking to regular and special education teachers who have students who could benefit from these technologies. This is one of the first times, that I will have the opportunity to talk with individuals with a wide range of backgrounds that are deeply interested in how visual thinking can help solve real world problems. In my session I will demonstrate and talk about how different programs utilize visual supports to aide students in reading, writing, thinking and organizing ideas. I look forward to the feedback and input from my participants who may come up with new ways to think about how we can use visual supports. To register for the VizThink North America 2009 Conference just click on the link.

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