bCisive 2.0 is Here!

I want to thank Katherine from Austhink for spending some time over Skype this evening going over bCisive 2.0, which was just released. As soon as you open bCisive 2.0 you will immediately notice a new and improved user interface with a Start Screen that lets you select from several templates to get your business decision making process off the ground. If you are new to the software, Austhink now includes an introductory video which helps you get started- a nice touch. bCisive 2.0 now supports a Spell checker which was one of the most asked for features for users of the previous version. Austhink has added some new Tools to bCisive 2.0 which are a welcome addition- it is now possible to add various colored Notes to your business map. To highlight certain ideas in your business decision map you can now color them using the Color tools. bCisive 2.0 also adds Task as well as Source Tools for making your business decision map more meaningful by allowing you to communicate your ideas with appropriate icons. bCisive 2.0 now allows you to create powerful presentations from your business decision map with their all new in-product Presentation and export to PowerPoint feature. But best of all users of bCisive 1.0 can get a complimentary upgrade to bCisive 2.0 for free by simply clicking on the ‘Check for latest version’ button on the Help ribbon within your bCisive 1.0 software. bCisive 2.0 is a welcome addition to the field of business decision mapping and I for one am going to dive deeper into this rich application to find what other jewels await me. For more information about bCisive 2.0 go to Austhink website. Enjoy bCisive 2.0!

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