Mindmapper 2008 USB

SimTech has announced on their website that they will soon release Mindmapper 2008 USB. With Mindmapper 2008 USB you will be able to have access to Mindmapper 2008 by simply plugging the USB flash drive into any USB port on a Windows computer. MindMapper 2008 USB will give you full access to the application and does not need to be installed to run the application. Mindmapper 2008 USB ships on a 4 Gigabyte drive which allows you to save your mind maps on the drive and open and edit them as if it were installed on your hard drive. Here is the information about MindMapper 2008 USB:

Product Introduction

Run MindMapper on any PC:

  • MindMapper 2008 USB Edition is portable MindMapper that lets you run MindMapper on any PC with a USB interface.
    • No installation
    • No registeration or activation
  • It also doubles as a 4GB USB flash drive so you can store all your MindMapper files and other files for your convenience
    • Miniature slim swing-type USB drive
    • Gold plated appearance to give you the best and valuable looking USB device among all your peers
    • Small enough to easily attach to your keychain or mobile phone with the included strap

What's in the Box

USB Flash Drive with MindMapper 2008 Professional Edition built in

MindMapper 2008 USB Edition has MindMapper 2008 Professional built in. Think of it as portable version of MindMapper, as you can plug it into any PC and start MindMapper

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