Mark Miller from EndUserSharepoint Uses MindManager 7

I have had the opportunity through my blog to get to talk and meet with many MindManager Users who are using the program in innovative ways. I had the opportunity to talk with Mark Miller from, who is is an internationally recognized technology trainer. He has taught throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia at companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Autodesk, SGI and Charles Schwab for over a decade. Mark shared with me that one of his most satisfying assignments was using SharePoint to help coordinate AIDS vaccine data for five research labs around the United States. Mark uses MindManager 7 for everything from creating Information Architecture schemas to brainstorming site plans in front of live audiences. His current project is the creation of a subscription based training site for SharePoint Information Workers that will go live in September 2008. Mark was kind enough to share his last screencast, which if you watch the first couple of minutes he shows you how he uses MindManager 7 to help explain a key concept called Content Types for those users who are setting up Sharepoint systems.

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