Funding Kickstarter Projects

Over the past year or so I have jumped in and helped to fund several Kickstarter products which has been a lot of fun. In addition to knowing that I am able to help fund a new product I also get the advantage of being on the ground floor when the product is released. This past year I have funded the Touchtype, a case for the iPad and Apple Bluetooth Wireless keyboard, the Elevation Dock for the iPhone and the Hidden Radio. All of the products have exceeded my expectations and have made using my iPad and iPhone a real joy to use. Spending time working and sharing with educators the potential for these mobile technologies, it is great to have on hand these innovative products to show and demonstrate.

The Touchtype is the perfect solution for individuals like myself that want to use a full size keyboard but want to also be able to store the iPad in convenient and light weight case. The design of the Touchtype is fantastic and is light enough so that you don't really realize it is in an enclosure. While I have used a Zagg Portfolio with my iPad, I find that it adds way to much bulk and weight for my liking. Having access to the high quality Apple Bluetooth keyboard is a real pleasure when I am typing and the innovative Touchtype design makes carrying around the iPad a cinch.

The Elevation Dock makes charging my iPhone 4S really simple. The Elevation Dock is beautifully designed and the phone fits into the 30 pin dock like a glove. The dock is made from anodized aluminium and has the Applesque finish to it. The Elevation Dock looks great on my nightstand and is the  perfect accessory for charging my iPhone. The Elevation Dock is heavy enough so that when you take your iPhone out of the charging base it does not life up from the nightstand. The look and fit is really incredible!

The Hidden Radio is a really fantastic Bluetooth Speaker with innovative design. Once you pair it to your device you can turn it on by simply unscrewing the top. This not only turns it on, but as you raise the cover of the Hidden Radio the volume increases. The Hidden Radio produces some great sound and the volume is extraordinary. Check it out for yourself-you will be glad you did!

Being able to jump in and fund these projects has been a lot of fun and the products were worth waiting for. So if you get the urge find out what is happening at Kickstarter! who knows you just might find something fun to fund!

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