Easi-Speak USB Microphone

Finding ways to engage students in the classroom with easy to use tools is always a challenge for teachers. But when you do find and easy to use tool that works well-its time to share. I recently had the opportunity to review the Easi-Speak digital microphone form Learning Resources and it name says it all. The Easi-Speak USB microphone has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 4 hours on a charge, giving you and your students plenty of time to record. The Easi-Speak USB microphone can be charged via the USB port on your computer and there is no need to ever have to change or discard batteries. 

The Easi-Speak USB microphone is simple to use and is ideal for students in the kindergarten all the way up through the grades. Students can start recording by clicking the Red button on the microphone and when they are done they can simply press the Red button again to end the recording session. I had my graduate students use the Easi-Speak USB microphone and they were really excited and impressed with the quality of the audio recordings. Many of my students were looking forward to purchasing an Easi-Speak USB microphone to use in their classrooms for reading fluency, story telling, and for podcasting. The Easi-Speak USB microphone can save the audio files in the MP3 or WAV format making it easy to utilize with other computer applications. In fact when you plug in the Easi-Speak USB microphone into a USB port it mounts as a flash drive where you can find all of your recordings. The Easi-Speak USB microphone ships with a copy of Audacity giving you the ability to edit the sound files. With the Easi-Speak USB microphone, simple controls and quality recordings, this is one tool most teachers will definitely want to have in the classroom.

Here is short video about Easi-Speak USB microphone.

To be in the running for a free Easi-Speak USB microphone click here and share how you would use this tool in the classroom.

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