Some Useful iPad Accessories for Travel

Traveling light is always one of my goals when I travel and with the summer months ahead I will be on the go so I decided to take a look at some handy accessories for my iPad. As much as I enjoy using my iPad, I do find typing with the virtual keyboard to be an annoyance when I have to do a lot of typing. I have looked at several of the portfolio solutions but find the small keyboards get in the way of my typing. Having purchased an Apple Wireless Keyboard some time ago, I decided to see what accessories I could find that would make traveling with the keyboard easier. While at the Apple Store in New York, I came across the Incase Origami case which not only provides the keyboard with some protection but with its unique design it serves to prop your iPad at the right angle making it a great solution for on the go.
Using the Incase Origami case is a breeze-just snap your Apple Wireless keyboard into the base and fold back the wings which makes for a great stand. The Incase Origami also serves to add a layer of protection to your keyboard when packing it in a bag. The Incase Origami cost me around $29 dollars which I picked up from Amazon. When I go out to the ISTE 2012 Confernce I will be traveling with my iPad and the Incase Origami keyboard case to test it out. In fact, I am using the Incase Origami setup now to write this blog with Blogsy.
For those of you that have an Apple Wireless keyboard and an Apple Smart Cover you may also want to take a look at the Waterfield Keyboard Slip. The Waterfield keyboard Slip is a well constructed case that you can slide your Apple Wireless keyboard into to keep protected. It is made of a high quality and durable balistic nylon material that snuggly houses your keyboard. If you want to throw you Apple Wireless keyboard in a bag and feel more secure that it is protected then this is the way to go. Using th Waterfield Keyboard Slip and the Apple Smart Cover is another great way to travel with your iPad.
If you are looking for a really easy way to travel with your Apple Wireless Keyboard then you have to take a look at the WINGStand Portable Stand which clevely attaches to your Apple Wireless Keyboard giving you a light weight and portable solution. At $14.95 this is a great solution which you can throw into your bag-to use simply slide the WINGStand Portable Stand to your Apple Wireless Keyboard and place your iPad in the stand. It is that easy and a very elegant solution. By the way you can also use the stand with an iPhone as well - so it is easy for the stand to do double duty.

I hope you have a chance to get away this summer and if you are traveling with your iPad and decide to invest in any of these solutions I would be interested in your feedback.

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