Kingston Wi-Drive: Expanding Your Storage Capacity on Your iPhone & iPad

While having a 16 GB iPhone or iPad sounded like you would have lots of storage capacity when you first bought it-before you know it the apps, movies, music and documents begin to take up lots of space and soon you are running on empty. Now what are you going to do? Well with the advent of the Kingston Wi-Drive there is a solution and a good one at that. The Kingston Wi-Drive is available in a 16GB or 32GB configuration and is about the size of the iPhone but slightly slimmer. Once you charge the Kingston Wi-Drive via the USB charger that is supplied and installed the Kingston Wi-Drive app you are ready to test it out. Simply plug the Kingston Wi-Drive into the USB port on your Mac or PC and drag documents, movies, music, and videos onto the drive to copy them over. Once the files are copied dismount the drive and go to your  Settings on your iPad, or iPhone and  to connect to the Wi-Drive Network. Now launch the Wi-Drive app on your iPhone or iPad and lo and behold all of your files, music and videos can be accessed. With the Kingston Wi-Drive it is possible to store your files on an external drive and access them whenever you need to. It is a handy device that can expand the storage capacity of your device and it is easy to transport. At this time you do need to disconnect from your other Wifi networks when connecting to the Kingston Wi-Drive-but lets hope they will figure out a way around this issue. All told, I am very happy with my purchase of the Kingston Wi-Drive and the ease of setup and its functionality.

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