RFB&D Releases App for the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

I finally had a chance to download the RFBD app to my iPad last week and download some audiobooks to give the app a test run. There are two steps to the process: first you must download the DAISY Audio file from the RFB&D website to the RFBD Download Manager, and then once the audiobook is downloaded you need to open iTunes on your computer and add the audiobook zip file into the RFB&D app within your iTunes library. Now synch your iPad and voila your book comes across the device and your are ready to listen to it.

The audiobooks are all human narration and it is possible with the RFB&D App to have the reader slow down or speed up as well you can also bookmark the page for future reference. Because the audiobook is a DAISY file the book allows you the freedom to navigate by levels and pages numbers if you wish. The quality of the audio is excellent when listening to the audio  book on my iPad. This is a big step forward for RFB&D to have the app running on iOS devices and I hope that in the future we will be able to download books without the need to use the Download Manager- like we do when downloading from the Apple iBooks store or from the Kindle Bookstore.

The RFB&D app is a great step forward for the organization but more so, for all the students that rely on audiobooks and want the convenience to be able to play them on their favorite iOS device. The RFB&D App costs $19.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple Apps Store.

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