Using the Livescribe Smartpen with Students

In the past couple of weeks I have worked with a number of students with learning disabilities who all have difficulty taking notes and I have introduced them to the Livescribe Smartpens. It was truly amazing to watch them use this device and the potential it has to open up all kinds of opportunities for them. For students with dyspgraphia, learning disabilities, auditory processing difficulties the Livescribe Smartpen is a godsend. Once I demonstrate the technique of just writing keywords on the dotted paper the student get the "aha" moment when I showed them the Paper Replay" feature. For students who have difficulty listening and recording notes in real time this is truly a powerful tool and one I would put on my Back to School list of gadgets.

With the Livescribe Smartpen students can now concentrate on what the teacher is saying and don't have to feel the urge to write down and capture every single word. This is truly a relieve for students who for years are sitting in class feeling very anxious about taking notes. The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen can also be married with the Cornell or Landmark note taking strategies which can then be saved and archived on the computer. Creating templates on the dotted paper is easy to do and will provide the students with another level of support and structure that they may need. For students who will be using the Livescribe smartpens in large lecture or conference halls, I would recommend that they use the 3D Recording Premium headset for recording. While the Pulse SmartPen came with the 3D recording headset you will need to purchase this as an accessory for the Echo Smartpen. Having used the Echo Smartpen in a large lecture room with the 3D Recording Headset I have to tell you that it makes a big difference and the sound quality is fantastic.

So with school just around the corner, you should consider sending your child back to the classroom with a Livescribe Smartpen- it will make a world of difference. From a practical standpoint, you should always ask permission before recording the lecture and let your teacher know how you intend to use the recording. With that in mind have a great school year and record notes with confidence with the Livescribe Smartpen!

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