The iPad Recliner from LapWorks

As much as I enjoy my iPad it does get a little heavy when you are holding it too long. Inevitably you will need to prop it up and what better way to do that, than with the iPad Recliner from LapWorks. The iPad Recliner is in a silver and black design to compliment your iPad. I have used other LapWorks products over the years and have come to like their functionality, design and construction. This is the case for the iPad Recliner, which lets you place your iPad on an incline in any number of positions and angles very quickly. The iPad Recliner can hold your iPad in the Portrait or Landscape mode and has a cushioned rest area to insure that your iPad does not move on the iPad Recliner. I found the iPad Recliner very easy to adjust, with just one screw - it is easy to change the angle of the incline when viewing your iPad.

While I have gotten used to using the virtual on-screen keyboard, when I know I will be doing a lot of typing I will take out my iPad Recliner and place my iPad in the landscape mode and use my Bluetooth keyboard to type. This provides meet with the perfect working setup that lets me comfortably view my iPad as I am typing on the keyboard. The iPad Recliner also makes for a great ebook reader when you want to have your hands free of holding the device. In any case, whether you are surfing the web, typing or reading an ebook the iPad Recliner is a perfect companion for your iPad. The iPad Recliner is the perfect companion for your iPad and I for one keep it on my desk to access when using my iPad. So check out the iPad Recliner!

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