Google Latitude Released

After reading abut the release of Google Latitude, a location based service which runs on smartphones (ie. iPhone, Blackberries, etc) I decided to install it on my Blackberry Curve and give it a whirl. The installation went very smoothly and with a reboot of my Blackberry Curve I was able to launch Google Maps and invite my contacts from my Google account to give me permission to see their location. Within minutes I received a reply from Ira Socol and I was able to see his location in Michigan- very cool. Location based services are maturing and moving forward we will be inundated with these types of services on our smartphones. For those who travel it is a great application to be able to see where your frinds and colleagues are in real time and connect with them. Google does allow you to change the Privacy settings within Google Latitude should you decide that you want to block your location. I found Google Latitude easy to use and by today I had three of my friends that I was following.

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